Our Story

My grandmother Herlinda crossed the Rio Grande to flee Mexico with her small children, one being my mother Adelina. She and my grandfather were owners of two food markets. They gave it all to the people of the community when they had to flee Mexico in 1920. I am first generation American citizen. My mother was an entrepreneur and through the years, was sole owner of five Mexican food restaurants. I was inspired by her and my grandmother’s authentic home cooking and from that inspiration I develop my very own salsa recipes. Many people, family and friends, encouraged me to come out with my own line of sauces. I thought this would be a special tribute to my mother and grandmother and a great legacy for my children and grandchildren.


My mother also had a candle shop in Olvera Street in the mid 1940's, early 1950's. Food markets, restaurants, and now salsa. The food business has always been a part of my family. Naturally this is my passion. 




Mama Rosa

Rosalinda Chaparro